About The Author of Ether Gauge Physics
Ronald R. Hatch

Ron has served in several positions for the

He has been working with navigation and communications using satellites since 1962, when, still in college, he worked for the U.S. Science Exhibit at the Seattle World’s Fair demonstrating the Doppler effect on the signals received from the TRANSIT satellites of the Navy Navigation Satellite System. This system was developed by John’s Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, where Ron worked developing navigation algorithms immediately following college.

Throughout his 30-year career in satellite navigation systems with companies such as Boeing and Magnavox, Ron has been noted for his innovative algorithm design for Satellite Navigation Systems. He has consulted for a number of companies and government agencies developing dual-frequency carrier-phase algorithms for landing aircraft, multipath mitigation techniques, carrier phase measurements for real time differential navigation at the centimeter level, algorithms and specifications for Local Area Augmentation System (LAAS), high-performance GPS and communication receivers, and Kinematic DGPS.

In 1994, he received the highest honor of the ION’s Satellite Division, the Johannes Kepler Award for “Sustained and significant contributions to satellite navigation” — only the fourth recipient of this prestigious award.

Among these many contributions is a technique Ron developed for removing much of the noise caused by electromagnetic reflections from the fundamental Global Positioning System measurements. This technique is now employed in virtually all GPS receivers and is referred to in FAA algorithm documents as the ‘Hatch filter.’

In addition to the Hatch-Filter Technique, Mr. Hatch has obtained numerous patents and written many technical papers involving innovative techniques for navigation and surveying using the TRANSIT and GPS navigation satellites, authored Escape From Einstein in which he challenges competing relativity and ether theories and contributed significantly to the advancement of satellite navigation.

Ron’s understanding of the GPS system necessarily includes an exceptional understanding of the effects of gravity and velocity on precision atomic clocks and other important relativity effects.

His Ether Gauge Theory (EGT) came from a driving preference for rigorous understanding, rather than from any personal desire to significantly impact theoretical physics. But in the course of the effort to understand he became convinced that acceptable understanding of relativity effects could only come with a radical departure from consensus thinking. EGT has far surpassed his original rather modest goal.

In 1995, he, along with four other consultants, started NavCom Technology, which has grown into a successful GPS and satellite communications company.

Ron (in addition to serving as Executive Vice President of ION) is currently the Director of Navigation Systems Engineering and Principal and co-founder of NavCom Technology, Inc.