What is the ether theory?

It is very hard to explain something like this, but i will try it the most simple way. Aether is a medium or fluid, what you would like to call it, what light can travel trough. While aether is still unconfirmed, scientist never really made a discovery on what aether really is, they really relied on observations they did, adn they said that it was a fluid, it had no color so it was invisible, and it is the very thing what fills the whole galaxy. They also say that it is resting in a frame of motion, what is universal.

While there a lot of people who believe in that aether still exist, there was an experiment that totally debunked this myth. This experiment was the Michelson-Morely experiment, which was an attempt to detect the moving of the earth trough this aether, and at the end of this, it showed, that i could simply not exist. With Einsteins Special Relativity the need for an Aether completely disappeared.

What similar could really exist, what acts nearly as aether? Well it is a field. A field is not really a medium or as we called the aether, a fluid, and it can be created and exist in an empty space. Think of field like it is a vector at set points in the space that show the force that would be felt on another particle placed on the other side.

These are very hard to things to explain, because neither of them were really scientifically proven. Aether is a very complex thing, and we will have a longer article about it.

Just remember, every thing that scientists come up with, will be proven or disapproved by time. The time frame, we don’t know, but i am sure that every theory what is a fake will be debunked on this blog!



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